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How It Works?

Generate marketing content is as simple as following

Select a type of copy

Choose from headlines, blog intros, product descriptions, and much more.

Describe your product

Just enter the name of your company and 1-2 sentences on what you do.

Get your results and edit

You’ll get 10 results at a time, and you can run the tool again for more ideas.

6+ types of marketing copies

Making it easy to communicate with your customers by generating marketing content in minutes

Email Marketing

Create welcome email, abandonded card email, upsell email,.. to generate sales for your store.

Social Media Content

Create engaging social media content on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,... to market your e-commerce store.

Digital Ad Copy

Create compelling copy for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads.

Product Copy

Product description, product usecases and product benefits.

Website Copy

Create content for your ecommerce website like: About Us, Why buy from us,...

Sales Copy

Write captivating copy that persuades consumers to buy a product or service.

Why Skripts?

  • Content for every channel

    Generate content for every channel based on your specific needs.

  • Product specific content

    Tailored copy for your product based on your brand voice.

  • Grammar & Spelling Check

    Grammar & spelling check are done for every sentence so that your copy remains free of any errors.

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